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"I get massages, sometimes for aches & pains, most often just for relaxation and stress relief.  I have been doing this more-or-less regularly for 10 years.  Name a chain massage service and I've probably tried them or been part of their "club" for a time.  So, I know a good massage when I get one.  Jennifer is, hands down (no pun intended), the best practitioner I have ever had, and I've had a lot of massages for comparison.  I am now getting massages twice as often as I used to, because it is just so good for my health and well being, and Jennifer's prices for "blocks" of massages are very affordable, without the hassles of being a "club member" and putting up with arbitrary "rules".  And, she's just a very nice person with whom to chat; sometimes we chat during the massage, other times it is a quiet day. I just can't say enough good about Jennifer.  Each appointment is anticipated well in advance and is the high point of my week.  I wish Jennifer well in her business and (selfishly) I hope she is practicing here in Downers for a long time.  I am SO not looking for another practitioner again; no one else could come close.  Just make your appointment -- you can thank me later!"   ~Steve M.

"If you are looking to nourish your mind-body-spirit, Restoration Therapeutic Massage is the answer.  For some reason, Jennifer has magic fingers and hands that intuitively find the sore spots and relieves them with TLC.  It must be because she is so present with each client."  ~Margaret

"Jennifer is a phenomenal massage therapist!  I really appreciate her knowledge, trustworthiness, and her pleasant “table-side manner.”  She has been incredibly helpful in providing relief from my chronic back and neck discomfort.  Jennifer possesses an intuitive sense about massage, often finding areas that I don’t even know need attention.  I’ve referred my husband and my daughter to her.  Both have been delighted and are now regular clients.  If you seek excellence and a good value, Jennifer will not disappoint!"    ~MC

"You are in capable, caring hands with Jennifer.  A real professional with a heart!"  ~Pam S.

"I started going to Restoration Therapeutic Massage to seek relief from the aches and pains of arthritis and some severe stiffness from knee replacement surgery.  Jennifer is doing a great job of addressing those issues.  I also suffer from hypertension.  Since I've started seeing her both my Systolic and Diastolic numbers have dropped and my doctor has eliminated one of the medications I was taking.  Coincidence?  I don't know, but I will continue the massage therapy as it seems to be a very helpful component of trying to achieve a more active, healthier lifestyle."   ~EK




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