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Because each client's wellness goals and expected outcomes are unique, I customize each massage session by integrating a variety of techniques to meet your specific needs. 
Massage therapy promotes physical and emotional health. Massage calms the nervous system and alleviates stress and tension in muscle tissue.  By relaxing muscles, nerve compression decreases which relieves pain. Reduced muscle tension improves range of motion and functionality.  Massage therapy increases circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and helps remove waste.  Not only will your treatment rejuvenate you physically, it will also leave you with an overall feeling of relaxation.   

I also offer 60 minute Prenatal massages for expectant mothers.  Prenatal massage is a gentle and nurturing way to alleviate the discomfort associated with this joyful, yet physically challenging time in a woman’s life.  On a side-lying position with special bolstering, gentle Swedish massage techniques are used to facilitate a comfortable and safe session.  Pregnancy massage can ease neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, assists in fluid reduction, lowers anxiety, relieves stress, improves relaxation and sleep, and boosts your immune system.  Receiving massage during pregnancy promotes health and well-being for you and your baby.

Postpartum massage can relieve the stress and tension of your new responsibilities and provide nurturing and relaxation to help you in adjusting to motherhood. By increasing circulation, massage enhances the post-birth healing process and has a significant effect on realigning the body when the center of gravity shifts back to normal. 
*Consult your physician before booking a prenatal massage. Some conditions associated with pregnancy require avoiding massage altogether.
Due to an injury, I no longer offer Deep Tissue massage.  


30 Minute Session: $45

45 Minute Session:  $60

60 Minute Session: $75      

75 Minute Session: $90 

90 Minute Session: $105 
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